TESTIMONIAL June 12, 2018

For some time, our 10 year daughter had been struggling with anxiety and obsessive / compulsive thoughts and behaviors.  My wife and I were taking her to a cognitive therapist and we were seeing mixed results.  As you can imagine, all we wanted to do was to help our daughter so we continued looking for additional treatment options for her.  This is when my wife happened to find a free talk on the benefits of biofeedback therapy at "The Empowering U Center" in Trappe.  Following the talk, my wife and I did some additional research of our own and then decided to give the therapy a try.  We went in with an open mind and decided from the start that we are committed to ensuring we follow treatment plan.

Our practitioner was Diane Nolan and she could not have been any more helpful.  She is a very calming presence and immediately set my daughter and I at ease.  Throughout the course of the therapy, she would ask my daughter questions and explain to us what she was doing, why she was doing it, and the benefits we should expect.  My wife and I were seeing improvements in our daughter after the first few sessions and our daughter at one point commented to us out of the blue that she "does not feel worried anymore."  We continued with the entire series of treatments and could not be happier with the results.  Our daughter is a whole new person, or better yet, back to that same, carefree person she was and deserves to be!
I would feel remiss if I did not say that we followed the treatment plan almost to the 'T' and really pushed our daughter at times to ensure we gave this therapy our 100% effort.  I highly recommend this approach to any parents who are struggling to find a way to help their child cope with anxiety.  Our daughter still has some worries, but they are under control and we are optimistic about the future.

​​​The Empowering U Center

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The Empowering U Center located at 511 W. Main Street, Trappe, PA is a building with various tenants focused on life and stress management. Please see the Services Tab on this website for a variety of tenants who offer services at the center.

The center is also the headquarters of Pillars of Light and Love, a non-profit launched in 2015 by well-known local REALTOR and Registered Nurse, Kathy Opperman. The main focus of the non-profit is Stress and Life Management for all ages. Their goal is to empower youth and adults to reduce stress, have strong self-esteem, overcome anxiety and depression, build confidence, and achieve better coping techniques, positive communication skills, and healthy relationships.  

We believe education and support will bring awareness and improve the lives of those facing challenges, such as depression, eating disorders, bullying, addictions, stress disorders, relationship issues, a difficult diagnosis, and emotional and physical abuse. Pillars of Light and Love and practitioners at the Empowering U Center, do not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a serious medical or emotional condition, or a health concern, please see your physician.

Pillars of Light and Love offers a variety of educational workshops for ages 5 to adult and over 10 monthly support groups at the Empowering U Center at 511 W Main Street in Trappe, just outside Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Search workshops, Kindness Projects, Youth Programs and Support Groups. Learn more at www.PillarsoflightandLove.org 

Donations raised for Pillars Of Light and Love fund workshops and are used to provide a limited amount of discounted or free services (subject to availability) at the Empowering U Center, to those with a financial need, and those with serious and chronic illnesses, Caregivers of Special Needs Children and Adults, as well as Disabled Veterans.  Applicants are reviewed and approved by Kathy Opperman. All services at the Empowering U Center are available to the paying Public also.

For more information about assistance with services and for an application call 484-854-1162.